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Organic designs, remarkable quality

Whether it’s a stone-inspired design or a custom order, Pam King’s greatest joy comes from combining her love of art and design in her jewelry. Each piece is hand-crafted with fossils, bone, or precious stones to mirror how the elements organically appear in nature.

Naturally beautiful jewelry

Pam’s designs are inspired by nature, giving them a unique and eclectic feel.

Pam King, jewelry designer

Jewelry of any kind catches Pam’s eye. The sparkle, the stones, the craftsmanship, it all intrigues Pam King. Which is why she started making her own jewelry in 2005. Pam’s eye for detail and her ability to preserve the natural integrity of each stone is what makes her jewelry one-of-a-kind.

Rockspired Art

by Pam King

719 P Street | Lincoln, NE 68508


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